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The Field


We also have a two acre field at the back of the pub which can accommodate a stage and bands, This can be used in conjunction with our Boat house if this is the type of event you would like to plan.

The Field gives a lot of space to hold bigger and different events. It provides us with extra car parking, space for larger parties and space for if any of your guest would like to camp.


people, if they wish are welcome to camp on the field on request. Its very back to basics however, because there are no outside toilets or washrooms. The pub/Bout house toilets are available all day from 9am.


Again on request caravan parties are welcome. We have had groups of different clubs use the field over night whilst sing the function room to hold quizzes or play games etc.


for anyone staying over night we offer breakfast. This is usually served on the patio or in the restaurant. We can cater for any type of breakfast you would like, with a pre order, but our full English breakfast at £5.95, go down very well.