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About Us


Neil has been in and out of the licensed trade for over 25 years now, working as a barman and making his way up to manager of various pubs in and around Leicester (Winston's, Last Straw, Kings Head, Saracens Head, Demon Fort, just to name a few). Neil has also had a very successful time in the motor industry working for Renault, Suzuki, SEAT, Chrysler, Jeep & Dodge. So if you need any advice or help with cars don't be afraid to ask, he's always happy to help.


Chris has been here for over 8 years and is now our Head Chef and Assistant Manager.


Leo & Jerry

Leo and Jerry are our head of security. Leo is a white 10 year old German Shepard and Jerry is a black and tan male and is 7 years old. These pair are that good at their job we now have a trainee Narla. Narla joined our team a few weeks ago she is only 6 months old and is keeping them on their toes.